Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I found yesterdays video and this video simultaneously on separate desktop computers. I think this is one the most terrifying clips I have ever watched. This character is so menacing and the lack of divide between public and private space makes his presence seem so intrusive. This video was shot in real life at noon and then the light was drained out of it by my reaction. The online comments include:

"lol 'yao begins' this is the story about yao, he took a shower and he is tall now :-D"

as well as:

"HaHa, Dunk the ball, no need to jump!

Good Vid: +10/10"


"nice video zack"

Zach makes only one brief appearance on the comment board to thank his fans after receiving 292 views of which only six or seven could be attributed to me. He comes off as cordial but one can only imagine the blackened volcano that he is browsing from. His connection to the internet is achieved via proxy, and he delivers his messages by way of two constantly screeching winged beasts whose claws refrain from shredding only a certain type of tanned calfskin.

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