Thursday, February 5, 2009

With the recent attention I have garnered by releasing a candid shot of my avatar I have begun to think more seriously about making this website a tad more personal. On that note I have decided to feature some photos of my favorite player of all time, Reggie Miller. 

Reggie Miller has been the subject of a good deal of humiliating "zingers" and things have reached unprecedented depths with his addition to a certain television broadcasting team. Some of the attacks I have trouble even comprehending.

For example, I stumbled upon this image, which I find offensive on a number of levels. 

What I think people are overlooking when they hear this mans kermit the frog voice emerging from the subtly placed speakers of their HD tv's is that this man is a L.E.G.E.N.D. of the game and should be unapproachable on a sort of Mark Eaton level. Additionally, for all of the klingon comments surfing through cyber space, this man has been looking GREAT.

He probably only had to describe the material of the jacket he was wearing in the photo above to convince these girls to come out with him, and keep in mind they were going to a toothpaste party.

Deadly sniper, clean white smile. 

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Bowen said...

Reggie Miller is a sociopath. Before going to sleep at night I whisper a silent 'thank you' to God for keeping Miller off the top 50 NBA players list, compiled by basketball's top minds in the 1990s.

Most of my alternate universe bball fiction features Reggie Miller as the evil neuromancer. Valiant knight Latrell Sprewell usually impales him against the lance of destiny.