Saturday, November 22, 2008

The New York Knicks have followed through on their desire to create the ultimate all- Knicks stereotype squad.

Tim Thomas, Al Harrington, Cuttino Mobley: Prototypical 2000 era Knicks reunited in the basin of athletic, directionless swingmen.

Having traded away their top 2 players as well as their rarely talked about rights to Wilt Chamberlain's legacy, I suppose we will have to wait for Lebron James to arrive in 2010 and sire a supportive cast of role players with similar facial features who, having grown up resenting their fathers looming shadow, carry him to the brink of his first championship in 2033 before defecting to Europe on the eve of game 4.

This all being taken into account, I will be ignoring the promise of future cap space and resting my hopes on the idea that Cuttino "the cat" Mobley will discover the husked shell of Steve Francis in a darkened corner of Madison Square Garden and step inside of it, forming a much taller two guard with the skill set of the 2001 Rockets Backcourt.

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