Friday, October 3, 2008

The National Basketball Association's much lauded preseason starts on Sunday.

The Detroit Pistons will travel to Miami to face a resurgent Dwayne Wade and the Golden State Warriors will begin the Baron Davis mourning period, most appropriately, in New Orleans.

I try to avoid making predictions as occasionally they are "wrong." Instead, on nights that I feel the need to gaze into the dazzling lights of the near/ pre-apocalyptic future I will preview games in the following format:

I want the Heat to win.
I want the Warriors to win.

If analyzed outside of the infinitely limiting baby-talk/adult-talk dichotomy I feel that this system has the potential to be somewhat more honestly subjective. Although I think the pictures express this pretty clearly, I am going to come out and say more explicitly that honesty is the driving force behind this website. Here you will read very few lies. I make no such prediction for other like-minded sites such as

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