Saturday, August 9, 2008

As I have come to learn that the popularity of ones internet persona is primarily based on the appearance of the writers face, I have chosen to begin by presenting an accurate portrait of my face. When you read the entries that will follow this introduction I would hope that you envision the words coming from a mouth and not a keyboard. This is the mouth you should envision.

Mostly this blog will be a place where I will write long winded and softly opinionated articles about professional basketball. It will be of very little interest to almost everyone I know. However, by the third or fourth post I hope to have shed my initial friendship based readership for a far more physically accomplished audience of professional athletes and their trainers. I am also considering the idea of recording mp3s of these entries read aloud instead of typing them out so that you could burn them onto a cd and then listen to them in your discman while walking to work or school, but I am unsure of what type of audience that might attract and am uninterested in courting the long haired musician types who generally own those gadgets.


Anonymous said...

WHOSE FACE IS THAT????? you guys are so freaky

c.a. schemmer said...

This looks like a guy I worked with at a dog grooming shop. His name was Dan and he talked about how much sex he had with his girlfriend. I cried in the bathroom. This is what you were going for, right? Well, good job, asshole.